About me

Erik Samuelsson

My name is Erik Samuelsson and I am a professional web developer from Malmö, Sweden.

I am one of those geeks who sit in front of the computer all day long. Coding, browsing Reddit, playing online games or drooling over new tech on blogs. I’ve always loved everything IT related and have been building and tinkering with software since I was a kid - especially web related.

I'm also an online privacy advocate. Keeping tracking and privacy infringement by companies like Google and Facebook to a minimum shapes everything I do. Not because I have anything to hide but I don't want to voluntarily let companies map my whole life.

At Lund University I studied information systems with focus on informatics.

I love structure and perfection, both in code and in visual elements. I can spend days just configuring the color theme in my terminal to be the sexiest ever. Occasionally I have to leave restaurants if I find out they’ve written the menu in Comic Sans.

Skills and work

I'm a front-end developer at heart interested in creating good UI/UX for the web with pixel perfection shooting through the roof. I love structure and re-usability and believe the code should look as good as the site itself. I have worked full-stack a lot and as long as I have a Mac with an open terminal I'm good to go.

I primarily work with front-end JavaScript (currently a lot of React) but I have experience in many web related areas. For example building APIs, NodeJS, databases, CI/CD and web servers.

Some cool years

Yaay! I was born.
My dad buys our first computer and I am hooked.
I start building my own homepages, a lot of table elements.
Buy my first Mac before even using one ever.
Start working in an electronic retail store.
I launch a quite popular iPhone blog built on WordPress.
I start my own company, doing web design.
I join Mensa Sweden.
I graduate from the University.
I start working professionally as a web developer.

Tech stack

So what are all the applications and tools I use? This list grew so it's now located under its own page, here is what Erik Samuelsson uses.