As I mentioned under /about, online privacy is something that is important to me. Since I care about my own privacy this also means I care about yours.

  • There are no tracking JavaScript whatsoever. No Google Analytics or similar is loaded that will track you, as a user, what pages you are visiting. Not as third-party and not as first-party.
  • No advertising or banners that could track you across sites. Actually no ads whatsoever. Not even affiliate links will be used since a recommendation should be based on what I think and not how much money I make from recommending something.
  • No cookies are used or saved in your browser, not even first-party.
  • I run my own web server on a Linux server and are in full control of the machine. No services, except the web server, are affecting the site.
  • No server-side tracking or analytics software used when visiting the site. Only standard logs generated by the web server are saved.

What is being saved

The only thing that is being saved about you when visiting the site are the logs that are generated by the web server, and they contain your IP address. IP addresses can be used to find out your approximate location. The logs are rotated and will disappear from the file system automatically after a couple of weeks. Occasionally I might run the logs through a tool to find out the number of visitors during a certain period. The tool used for this is primarily the free and open source GoAccess.

If you send me an email I will obviously know your email address and the content. I am not using Gmail or any other mail services that are scanning the emails. I am using a privacy respecting service, Mailbox. If you don't want me (or other recipients) to see your real address you can use a privacy service like SimpleLogin or AnonAddy.

If you are interested in increasing your privacy online, check out PrivacyTools for some nice examples and tools that will help you.