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Install AdGuard Home on an OPNsense router
I recently decided to upgrade my old Asus router to something more modern and fun. Since going the self-hosted and open-source path recently, the choice was easy. A small, dedicated hardware running OPNsense. One of the most important…
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How to set a static IP on Ubuntu Server 20.04
Previous versions of Ubuntu Server used a file under /etc/network to configure static IP addresses, but this has been changed in later versions of Ubuntu. When installing Ubuntu Server, a tool called NetPlan will probably configure your…
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How to use domain names for servers in a home environment
Naming stuff is difficult, especially in the digital world. It's one of the things that you want to get right the first time. So it is scalable and descriptive without having to redo it after a year when you buy a new NAS or move to another…
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Install AdGuard Home with Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4
The Raspberry Pi is a great little computer you can use for many different things. Unless you need a lot of processing power it’s good enough to run as a small home server. I’ve decided to use mine for some network related stuff since the…

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