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Upgrade all dependency versions in package.json with yarn
Updating dependencies in an npm project is pretty straight forward and easy to do with the command yarn upgrade . It updates all packages to their latest backwards-compatible version. Something that those coming from using npm update…
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Automate versioning and publication of npm packages
A while ago I wrote a post about always writing perfect commit messages by using commit linting tools and conventional templates. This makes the commit messages look great and formatted the same way regardless of who is committing but…
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Difference between dependencies, devDependencies and peerDependencies in npm
When creating a new npm project, all those with a package.json in the root directory, we usually don't create everything from scratch but need some dependencies. There are different type of dependencies that can be somewhat difficult to…
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Update nvm installed node version and keep globally installed packages
Node Version Manager is great for managing and working with different node versions but can be a little tricky to update to a newer version the first times. Especially if you want to keep all the globally installed packages. It’s actually…

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