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Log in with ssh key authorization on a Synology NAS
The operating system of a Synology NAS, DiskStation Manager , is a great web-based GUI making it easy for everyone to manage their NAS. However, sometimes it's preferable to access the NAS through SSH instead of the GUI. Logging in with…
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Sign git commits on GitHub with GPG in macOS
When you are pushing commits to your repositories you are authenticating with either HTTPS or SSH. Telling GitHub that it is really you. That only ensures that it's the correct user doing the pushing. You could also add an extra level of…
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Add HTTP/2 and HSTS to your Nginx site
HTTP/2 has only been out a for a few years but it is certainly time to activate it on your sites now. Compared to the old HTTP 1.1 there are many pros. Requests are downloaded parallel instead of in a queue, greatly improving speed and…
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Add HTTPS to Nginx blocks with Let's Encrypt
Browsing the web unencrypted with only HTTP is not recommended anymore and Google recently started to mark all sites without SSL as “not secure” in their browser Chrome. Adding a certificate to your site used to cost money and often meant a…
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Generate and organize SSH keys on Mac
If you've never heard about SSH keys and are still using passwords when logging in to your remote servers you're in for a treat. Or maybe you already know about SSH keys but aren't organizing them in a good way. Anyway this post will make…

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