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Update state with useReducer synchronously

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Hooks in Reacts are wonderful to work with and managing local state is one of the most common ones. For more complex states the useState() hook could be changed to a useReducer() instead. A problem we might encounter is that state isn't updated synchronously after we've updated it.

Let's say we have this simplified useReducer just updating either first name or last name in a state object.

const initialValue = {
  firstName: 'Bobby',
  lastName: 'Andersson',

const reducer = (state: State, action: Action): State => {
  switch (action.type) {
    case 'firstName':
      return { ...state, firstName: action.payload };
    case 'lastName':
      return { ...state, lastName: action.payload };
      return state;

const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, initialValue);

So every time we call the dispatch function with a type of either firstName or lastName the state object get's updated.

So if we would do the following the the output in the console would be Erik, right?

dispatch({ type: 'firstName', payload: 'Erik' });

Wrong! It would still be Bobby output on state.firstName even though we changed first name to Erik at the previous line. How strange 🤔

The reason is that this is an asynchronous function that is returning a new state instead of mutating the existing one. So when we are logging to console, which is a side effect, the new state actually hasn't been updated yet. If we do another dispatch with a new name it will output Erik that time, it will always be one behind.

A simple solution to this is using useEffect for whenever state is updated and put our logic in that function instead.

dispatch({ type: 'firstName', payload: 'Erik' });

useEffect(() => {
}, [state]);

This way we will always get the correct state logged to our console.